Hi, I'm Ren

Posted on Jan 5, 2022

Hi, I am Kararou Ren! My name is often stylized as Ræn and pronounced as rain, like the weather! My prounouns are fæ/fær.


I am usually the one to setup new hardware, diagnose issues within the cluster, and otherwise do maintenance, architecting, engineering, etc. of networks, servers, the cluster in general, etc. If it goes brrr in the datacenter, it’s likely I had something to do with getting it there.

Transfemme Gendertrash Hackerscumm

What it says on the tin. I’m a hacker and I’m proud of it. I’m currently looking for a job, so if you want to offer me one, my bragsheet is linked on my website, lesbianunix.dev.

Let me tinker in your kernel!

Email: ren@kararou.space

GPG ID: B0BA4EEC0714F8E6 direct keyserver

Git: karaiwulf (github)

Matrix: @spicywolf:matrix.kararou.space