Posted on Jan 5, 2022

Hallo. Kararou Makoto am I.

I do varied things by varied names. I exist here, on a writing site, on a few chats, and in real. I may take up some forum accounts, but that’s nebulous future plans and not anything current.

My gender, and therefore my pronouns, are whatever I want, whenever I want. And no, I am not obligated to change if you’re misgendering me; that is entirely on you.


I am the reason things exist.

This is not an empty boast. I was here from the beginning, and I have kept the House alive under my own power. When others vanished, I remained, and we still have our resources for it. In short: my primary role is to shatter the velocity of the proverbial buck. I am fortunate in that very few things make their way to me, and appreciate the others on this site for it.

My secondary role is the generation and refinement of ideas. This covers both technical and artistic grounds, though with Barrow helping out, I feel more comfortable focusing on the softer side of things.

My tertiary role is as a programmer. This is also my day job, so it takes a bit of coaxing to get me to code on my off time.

My quarternary role, insofar as it counts as one, is I play games with a mild margin of mimsy.

90% of CS is BS

In lieu of a list of technologies I have experience in, I state my personal mantra. This is also a reason I list programming as my tertiary role as opposed to the primary or secondary some may expect.

Programmers are not paid to program. This sounds counterintuitive, but consider the plethora of automated tooling the industry has for everything, including automatic code generation. And do not think I have forgotten the power of the StackOverflow snippet, bane of many, many interviews.

No, the core defining ability of a programmer is to conjure a path by which the impossible becomes possible. A programmer is presented a problem precisely because no solution exists. It is far cheaper to employ an existing technology than to hire an engineer to forge one from nybble-aether.

And if it requires proficiency in something one has never touched before? One MAKES_IT_WORK. Close the proficiency gap, pull the target within range, weight the die, and throw.


Those who need to contact me have the means to do so.