Accessing Resources

Posted on Jan 8, 2022


We offer some services that are available for use. One such service is our git server. Anyone may register a user and host their code there. Other services are our plex server and the matrix home server.


For access to the git server, feel free to navigate to it (here) and register an account.

For access to plex or matrix, please reach out to Ren. You may reach faer via email at Requests of this nature that are not signed using a GPG key that matches the address of the originating email will be ignored.


Our cluster consists of 7 nodes all running SmartOS with the Triton management platform on top. Each node has three network connections at 1Gbps. One connecting to the headnode (the “admin” network), one connected to our router (the “external” network), and one connected to all the other compute nodes for fabric networking and user-private vlans.

The cluster itself is composed of skeletwelve the headnode and our six compute nodes: holo, lawrence, cerridwen, alia, kuhaku, and dellpepper.


For access to the cluster, please reach out to any of the KCRL members (see our about page for more detail) with a proposal detailing your project and intended goals.

A Slice of Computer History

We also keep exotic hardware from times long past alive. These servers are not running most of the time; however, we intend to retrofit the hardware with some customizations that will facilitate greater ease of use in the future.


The KCRL Slice of Computer History is not currently running.

Requesting New Services

Please feel free to get into contact with any member of KCRL in order to request services that you would like. We will take any such requests under consideration (mostly for feasability checking).